The number one question I am asked by the bridal community is “What is the difference of airbrush vs regular foundation?” As a makeup artist, I don’t completely understand what “regular” foundation is but I’ll give you the run down :) Now keep in mind that all makeup artists use different formulas of foundations so I am only giving my opinion based on what I use and any other information I have gathered throughout the years…

Airbrush foundation creates a flawless finish because of the application (think of spray painting a block of wood as opposed to painting it with a brush). Usually only foundation and blush is airbrushed on the face. Some artists airbrush eyeshadow but most do not feel safe spraying anything around the eyes. Airbrush foundation is either silicone or water based. Most likely, your artist will use silicone, water based is mostly for the body. Silicone gives more of a “dewy” look as opposed to the matte finish a water based foundation gives. Either formula is waterproof and can stay on the face for up to 18 hours as opposed to the 10-14 hours you get from professional cream (cake) formulas. Of course every skin type can keep makeup on longer or shorter depending on their skin typeoilier skin will not have the same holding power as someone with a normal skin type. You usually don’t have to powder very often if at all with airbrush foundation – you can use oil blotting sheets if you seem to get shiny. Airbrush is not cakey, it looks very natural and the myths of airbrush only being for younger skin is no longer true. With the primers available recently, mature skin can handle airbrush no problem.

Cream (aka cake) foundation is versatile because it can be applied to create a sheer coverage up to full coverage. The longevity isn’t as good as airbrush but it works well for all skin types. A sealer can be airbrushed (or sprayed) over to help prolong the staying power but you will need to powder every so often.

I rarely (if ever) use liquid foundation for the weddings I do because I can thin out my cake foundation. The coverage with a cake formula is far more superb in my opinion but if you are doing your own makeup for your shower, party, everyday-use liquid foundation. The new mineral makeups are great for ease of use but I haven’t been that impressed with them personally. I have a hard time with the thought of building up powder, over powder, over powder…I have also heard from numerous photographers that it does not photograph well.

Always, always, always do a makeup trial before your wedding day to make sure that you are happy with the results!

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